Welcome to my page. Its kind of hard to describe what I will be doing in this space because there's so much that I can do. I've been working in information technology for over 30 years directing organizations to achieve unbelievable projects and have come to a point in my life and career where I'm the senior tech geek by trade, not by certifications or credentials but by equity sweat, passion, and determination; decades of experience. So, what should I do with this site?

Whichever path is chosen, I can guarantee that there will be a heavy focus on regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, how I design 0day exploits and ethical hacking, and perhaps something that will inspire the upcoming generation of cybersecurity practitioners who will be tasked with enhancing and strengthening the security posture of our great nation.

I'm currently studying to sit for the CISSP exam, and If I pass, then it will be the the 5th cybersecurity certification that I would acquire within a 15 month timespan. I am enjoying working as a TA too. I thought about volunteering but the opportunity to TA for the same program that I graduated from was hard to pass up.

I chose to take a year off, after 30 years of working, to see what these certifications are made-of, and I could not be more proud of myself. Its not that I'm completely new to Cybersecurity, but now I get to be tested on what the world calls something that I was doing before there was a name for it. I'm shocked my brain allowed me to learn without bias and to allow myself to focus on everything I've done over the decades through the lens of exam objectives. Its totally fun.

I'll be 41 in a couple of weeks and I am scheduled to take the CISSP exam in June. Look for subtle design changes and other enhancements in the upcoming months, along with tutorials and articles that I will publish.


I started working in information technology when I was 8 years old. I'm a Millennial and things were different at the start of the internet age. I developed and managed a student database for 2 schools within the Cleveland Public School system, and yes I was only 8.

I remember how it all began and also how the principal came to my classroom to inquire about me when I switched elementary schools. I used to sit in class and sip coffee while working on the database and occasionally I would glance outside the classroom windows to watch the other kids as they played outside. I loved it because I didn't have parents. I didn't have to worry about things while I was at school because I got to work.

I guess that is how I came to love education and regulatory compliance. Let me tell you there is a huge difference between people who love education and people who love for-profit colleges, but more on that later.